Tuesday, December 2, 2008

-India"s Responsibility it can not shirk- Clear Pakistan of Terrorists"

India faced some tuff 59 hours recently. Its now time to clean up the mess, in all respects.I have also been closely following the Mumbai attacks since Naveen stays at Mumbai.

I want you to watch these videos. They would easily demonstrate India"s responsibility as a World citizen and American ally in going into Pakistan to clean up all the already known+documented+proven terrorist training grounds.

1) President-elect Obama explains that Pakistan is a big problem in War against terror. But it is misusing all its funds in non related Military expenditure and corruption. He also believes he would be stretched if he had to initiate a direct military offensive against Pakistan

2) The following news items ( one of many,with proofs) demonstrating Pakistan
territorial involvement in Mumbai terror attacks.

Ergo, India is expected to Join this war on terror and eliminate the Risks in Pakistan, for Everybodys sake!!Before ending, let me mention that i am a very old member of the India Pakistan friendship club on Orkut.

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