Saturday, November 29, 2008

-Black Holes Bared !!

I might have spent my past 18 years studying Medicine, but my fascination for Physics persists. If i ever see something interesting in these fields, I just have to read it.

With all this comes an innate childish curiosity in matters related to Astronomy. The mere thought of all that endless space ( and Time!!) thrills me. So when i was stumbling my way through Recently popular blogs tagged with Health, I could not resist clicking on this Link. ( I wonder why this is tagged "Health"?)

Think technologies, Florida, U.S have this incredible page which explains Black Holes.

This is a simplified explanation of a Black hole, the physics behind it and examines probable theories connected to it. Of course, My favorite theory is when I get to travel to a different time-space on passing through a black hole. :)

I used my Alchemy Grid widgetizer to make this.

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