Friday, December 5, 2008

-Cannot treat without I.T support?


We know that wider adoption of healthcare information technology (HIT) results in better patient care. Here, in India, most medical students learn to use HIT after they start working as Doctors. Many medical students use the net to study, at a personal level, but institutional use of IT in Indian Medical colleges and associated hospitals is very low.

But here is a study with a very different perspective regarding HIT.

"About 80 percent of the 328 Vanderbilt graduates who participated in the study were working in an environment with less IT. According to the study, they reported "feeling less able to practice safe patient care, to utilize evidence at the point of care, to work efficiently, to share and communicate information and to work effectively within the local system."

Used to IT support in decision making, Medical students were left flabbergasted when they had to provide healthcare from Knowledge. Definitely not a very good sign.

Read the study on Healthcareitnews here.

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