Friday, November 14, 2008

- No green beards in path labs @ John Hopkins University

The pathology department at my medical college was very strict with us Resident doctors. All our activities were constantly noted by our seniors, and being reprimanded frequently for "unprofessional conduct" was the norm. Our seniors made sure we were always properly dressed and behaved.
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But what i read on John Hopkins university, Dept. of Pathology website takes the cake. They have a detailed list of "acceptable" and "unacceptable" conduct. Sample a few,

1) Acceptable- Knee length culottes and dress shorts; Unacceptable- Mini skirts, blue jeans, baseball caps.

2) Acceptable- Fingernails that are of "professional length", whatever that means; Unacceptable- Applying cosmetics in the laboratory.

3) Acceptable- Short/ Tied back hair of natural color ; Unacceptable- Purple and Green beards and mustaches!!

4) Acceptable- Socks/ Hose/ Tights ; Unacceptable- Printed underwear showing through outer garments.

5) Acceptable- Jewelery in moderation ; Unacceptable- Badges promoting causes/products/slogans NOT endorsed by the Institution/department.

Its definitely a good read. Click here to access the pdf file of acceptable appearance standards at John Hopkins University.
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