Saturday, November 1, 2008

- Better radiotherapy at Tata memorial cancer Hospital-

I am referring here to something which appears under the heading (?)
Official Google Blog.

"One of India's leading cancer hospitals will expand its program of
advanced whole-body radiosurgery with the acquisition of a
Varian/BrainLAB Novalis Tx™ radiosurgery platform"

"Varian and BrainLAB joined forces late last year to introduce the
Novalis Tx and Tata Memorial is the first hospital in India to order
this advanced solution"

"Novalis Tx offers radiosurgery for malignant and benign lesions
throughout the body, arteriovascular malformations, and functional
lesions. It features very high dose delivery rates, which means that
treatments can be delivered very rapidly. Novalis Tx also offers
dynamic ultra-fine beam shaping and frameless patient positioning for
more rapid and comfortable treatments. The platform also includes an
On-Board Imager® device for pinpointing the tumor and positioning the
patient with sub-millimeter precision"

Tata memorial has always been one of India"s finest cancer hospitals and it is not surprising that the hospital has teamed up with Varian medical systems( Paolo Alto, California) and BrainLAB ( Munich, Germany) to offer better and more precise radiotherapy to its patients. Good use of technology and software for better health care. I love it!!

I have been a longtime fan of Dr.Anita Borges, Pathologist @ Tata memorial cancer hospital and i know that Tata memorial cancer hospital will make good use of its superb diagnostic and treatment resources.

Catch cancer early and "fry" it precisely.

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