Monday, October 6, 2008

The Party @ Delhi

The manthan Award : India's best e-Content Practices

THis conference at New Delhi from October 16th to 18th, 2008 should be informative, fun and a great place to network. I really look forward to meeting some real* enthusiasts there.

The Manthan Award has been known for the 5th year of
its existence to recognize the deep and impactfull linkages between
Information Communication Technologies to the National development
through the involvement of masses. Manthan Award is now a network of
more than 1000 organization across 30 states of India and 7 of South
Asian countries.

The process of Manthan Award 2008,
with the inclusion of South Asian countries, is closing and the final
events are going to take place on October 16-18, 2008 in Delhi.

This is primarily the occasion
where the best of ICT for development innovators and practitioners and
the best of e-Content for Development practitioners and architects get
together and hundreds of delegates gather to see the best of the world
networking and deliberating and enjoying being recognized.

Its divided into--

- Inaugural session with India’s best minds who would enlighten on the role of e-content and ICT in development of the nation.

- ICONECS [International Conference on e-Content & Sustainability]:
Where selected and short listed Manthan Award nominees would make
presentations of their innovations across topics like Health,
e-business, rural enterprise, culture & entertainment, mobile
content, community radio, education & learning, governance and
environment & science.

- High Impact Policy driven Roundtable Discussions [1/2 Day each] on selected topics like:

o Content, Connectivity & Accessibility in Education

o ICT in Drinking Water & Sanitation

o Inclusive Governance through Digital Panchayat & Constituencies

o ICT in Health for Masses o Voices from the Ground: Community Radio

o ICT in Social Enterprises o World Summit Award e-Content Summit –
India [15 Countries Participating]

- ICT Mela Connecting Masses: Where
one could experience the content and ICT bazaar with special focus on
masses connecting devices, content, technologies, initiatives including
governments, corporate, NGOs, international organisations, and even
individuals. Of course ICT Mela would be dominated by the nominees of
the Manthan Award 2008, and the previous year awardees.

- Manthan Award Gala & Folk Musical Evening:
Where one could experience the pure rural folk music followed by Award
Gala where around 35 awards would be conferred for year 2008 by some of
the most eminent people of the country and world.

The Manthan Award South Asia 2008 and its processes and
events are being brought to you by Digital Empowerment Foundation,
Center for e-Governance, DIT, Ministry of Communication &
Information Technology and World Summit Award.

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